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Our Investment Approach

Our Approach

ORION CAPITAL ASIA provides medium term secured loans to middle market businesses that are owned by both private equity sponsors and local entrepreneurs. These loans finance organic growth and acquisitions where the companies have been under-served by traditional banking channels.

We seek to deploy capital which generates superior risk adjusted returns and attractive cash yields for the investors with strong downside protection and minimal volatility through economic cycles.

We employ a disciplined investment and due diligence approach on all borrowers, sponsors and collateral when evaluating potential investments, and pursue a proactive and engaged asset management process to ensure the desired outcomes.

We have a deep commitment to transparency, professionalism, and integrity in our business dealings. We endeavour to ensure that all parties with whom we do business with, can rely on us to operate in a responsible and ethical manner.

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Middle Market Performing Credits

We focus on middle market corporates with a sound reputation, and a strong and demonstrable track record of cash flow generation and return on capital.

Developed & Emerging Asia

We are active in both developed and emerging markets in Asia Pacific. We have an extensive origination network across the region coupled with deep local knowledge and structuring capabilities based on years of experience through the economic cycles in the region.

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Diverse Industry Sectors

We invest across diverse industry sectors while maintaining a prudent approach towards cyclical and commodity sectors.

Secured Loans

We provide secured loans across the debt capital stack depending upon the funding requirements of the borrowers including senior, uni-tranche, and mezzanine debt.

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Stable Returns

We are focused on delivering stable returns with high visibility through contractual fixed returns while taking a flexible approach depending upon the borrower’s requirements and business cash flows.

Foreign Currency Hedging

We invest in multiple local currencies in addition to US$ and implement an active currency hedging program to manage the foreign currency risks.

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